Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Hello March

Slightly later than normal due to the late Easter this year, yesterday was Shrove Tuesday. I never really give up anything for Lent but have decided this year to just be very focused about what I eat for the next 60 days. I figure a small, concentrated time frame might just help focus the mind and calorie intake!

I'm making the most of this bit of sunshine, walking daily in the park.

It's positively Spring like now - Hurrah! I LOVE Spring and the prospect of a little more sunshine.

I even got to sit out in the garden today to enjoy a cup of coffee - bliss!

I finally got around to framing up my Christmas present from Jeff - My Jorey Hurley Print
It reminds me of the sea at my Granny's old house at the end of a Summer's Day.

As a result of changing all my frames to fit my new print, I was left with a little space to fill so knocked up this little bird print. I've also been working on a commission alongside my orders etc. 

The rain is set to return for the next 2 days followed by a promised settled period - let's hope that means a little more of this gorgeous sunshine too.

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Anonymous said...

I love spring too. It makes me feel hopeful, like it's the start of something good. Spring is a very positive season I think.
Love your pictures!
Mandy x