Sunday, 16 March 2014

The 'long' weekend!

 The children had an INSET day on Friday so it's felt like a long weekend. The weather wasn't on our side, it was cold and foggy and thoroughly miserable. Sam did my run/walk with me and we generally spent the day at home. I treated it as my Saturday as this week it was my day in the shop.

I really enjoy working in the shop but I've struggled the last two weeks as the sun has been shining outside and I'm inside. I've realised that being my own boss over the past 3/4 years has meant that if it's sunny I change things around to make the most of the sunshine. When you commit to someone else, you can't do that. I know most people have to work whatever the weather and I'm lucky to be able to change things around to make the most of the good weather most of the time. I think it's because we've had such a miserable wet winter, that you feel you have to make the most of the sunshine when it's around.

We had a beautiful sunset to end the day.

Today has thankfully been just as nice and I got up early to go out for my walk/run! Yes! I'm still doing it, fourth time in fact. With each go I'm trying to 'run' a little more. It's still nothing to write home about and the minute I encounter another human being I walk but my aim is to eventually be able to 'run' the track, then 'run' the lane, then 'run' the road - slow and steady progress! 

It was so nice we had breakfast outside, in fact we spent the whole day out in the garden.

It's now time to cook the evening roast, pack up a few orders, moan at the kids to get homework done and get everything ready for the week ahead. Here's hoping you all have a good week.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it does make you feel desperate to be out in the sunshine on the rare days we get it. Glad today as good again so you could get some sun. That shop does look divine though!
Well done on the walk/run! I am impressed! I am keeping up my walks, I just need to match the effort with healthier eating. Actually I do eat healthly but it's the naughty extras that need to be reduced!
Good luck with the nagging re homework. Got that on my eve agenda too! Hehe.
Have a good week.
Mandy x

Stripes and Stars said...

Was that new bunting I saw in your garden xxx