Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Cedars

Last night we had a rare night out, on a 'school night'. The Matron from Cedars Boarding House at Wells Cathedral School was retiring after 25 years of service. We were lucky to have worked with her during January 2002 until August 2004 when Jeff was Housemaster there.

I was reminded of this photo which was taken as we were leaving the Cedars, the children with their suitcases packed ready for our new adventure. We had a very happy time whilst at Wells. It was Jeff's childhood school and family home as his father had been the Junior School Head for many years. We had our Wedding Reception on Cedars Lawn and then later lived in The Cedars as Boarding Houseparents. Sam was born there and Sophie started Nursery School during our time there.

We lived in this most amazing building, taking up half of the middle floor and had these beautiful grounds as our garden out of term time. We chatted with the current Houseparents that whilst there, you never truly appreciate living in such a magnificent place. The children don't really remember their time there, Sophie possibly has vague recollections, Sam none at all, which is a shame. I wonder what next big adventure lies ahead of us, I have another one, if not two or three house moves in me yet! Just don't tell Jeff! It certainly won't ever be as grand as The Cedars.


WinnibriggsHouse said...

Wow Becky what an awesome place to live! You must have been so sorry to leave, I know I would.

dots and spots said...

It was a lovely place to live and we were so lucky to have spent a few years in such a magnificent space Jenny WinnibriggsHouse Hope you are feeling better x