Saturday, 12 March 2016

Week 19 - build update!!

Okay we're into the final phase now - last bits to do next week but the big stuff is now done and then it's my turn to start decorating and styling and making the fab new spaces part of our home!
We've had decorators, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and a window man here this week. 

Radiators have been fitted, last bits of electrics done, shelves going up, cupboards being made, skirting board and architraves on and sealant to finish!

We can use the ovens now, although resisting pulling off the protective film and filling the cupboards yet, as there is a little decorating and messy stuff still to do!

And the final BIG project - the sliding door! 
It will cover over the french doors, as we're quite overlooked at the back of the house. This was a big deal for the carpenter but we got there in the end and I LOVE it!!! It's going to be painted white so it looks just like the wall and there will be a large cupboard in front of it when it's open, so it'll be quite hidden. SO we are very nearly there! The young decorator is back next week to finish up/touch up in the kitchen, there is still a little snagging and clearing away and then I think........ I'll have my house back!!!! I have a MOUNTAIN of painting to do, as we could only afford to get the basics done - realistically it will take me to Christmas but I will be able to chip away at it and we can get back to living, rather than existing!

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