Saturday, 5 March 2016

Week 18 - build update!

Another great week - lots ticked off the 'to do' list but still a fair few bits to do!
But I do feel we are very nearly there!

Today my 'Fab Three' returned to take down the scaffolding and do a few bits and for the very first time, you could open the french doors and .......

......look into the new space from the outside.

I spent all morning cleaning - I'm getting a little ahead of myself as there is still more to be done in there next week but since July, when we moved in, we've been squashed around the tiniest of tables. So I got Sophie and Sam to help me carry in our old table out from the summer house. I've given it a good clean up and will recover the oilcloth top once everyone has gone but it will be so good to eat around a proper table tonight.

I even prepped my first meal in there as I cleared and washed down all the worktops this morning. I can't move everything in yet as the decorators still have to paint and the carpenter has some bits to do so still the very high chance of more dust and mess but it's getting there!



Michelle said...

Looks fab :)

Mair Dyer said...

Love the colour of your cabinets X

Judith said...

Wow, great kitchen!!!