Sunday, 20 March 2016

Week 20 - build update and finale!!!!

So week 20 has stumbled to a finish - a finish of the whole build (almost!!)
Jeff and I made our 'snagging' list and on Wednesday most of the jobs got ticked off but as with most things, a few items are still left outstanding.

Jeff put up the new gate last weekend on his Sunday off and it looks good!
He plans to tackle the new deck next week once he breaks up.

With the builders gone now, Sophie and I decided it was time to peel off the protective covers from the cupboard doors. There is still quite a lot of painting to do but as it'll be me that's doing it, I can control the mess I make, so we peeled away.........

One (sort of) finished kitchen.

On Monday we are having new blinds fitted in the kitchen, bathroom and box room, so this weekend I've been busy stripping wallpaper, filling, sanding, prepping and painting to get the 3 windows ready for Monday. In fact I'll be doing that and more for the next foreseeable amount of time, as it's now down to me to decorate. I hope to finish the kitchen and bedroom by the end of the Easter break, so we can completely move into the 'new bit' of the house and then I'll tackle everything else!


Christina said...

It's looking incredible, Becky!

Sharon said...

Can I ask where you got your kitchen cupboards from - they are lovely.

dots and spots said...

They were from Howdens Sharon Clerkenwell matt white with an integrated handle

dots and spots said...

Thank you Christina - very pleased - just need to get on with the painting now