Sunday, 23 October 2016

Half term!

Yay! It's the start of half term - I think we all need  a break from the alarm clock. That said, it's going to be a full week ahead. The forecast is set to be dry, so plenty to do, making the most of it.

This autumnal weather leads you towards comforting food. I'm happily sat at the bottom of my target weight range, the perfect place to be, so I can enjoy a few treats this week.

Jeff broke up on Wednesday, so he spent Thursday and Friday laying the new wooden floor in the sitting room, ready for me to ......

....paint it. I'm off to do another coat now.

I've also had my hair done, gone darker this time. I'd love to go back to blonde, that's my favourite but after 2 years of monthly bleaching, I have to give my hair a little rest. I'm lucky that I seem to be able to carry off all the colours I've tried so far but blonde is best by far x

Have a great week - will catch up soon x

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