Saturday, 29 October 2016

Half term round up

It's been a busy old week - I was allowed out for good behaviour! After painting the sitting room floor for 3 days, I went into to Bath to meet up with old school friends. It's coming up to 30 years since we left school. We met 2 years ago after a break of over 25 years but it was great, just like old times. This time Emma flew down from Edinburgh, Mel and Ju drove down from Shropshire and we met up in Bath, my sister joining us in the evening, for a couple of days of lovely catching up.

Once home it's been 'project sitting room'! I know if things only Jeff can do, don't get done in the holidays, I'll have to wait until Christmas. Sophie has helped with the curtains, putting her A* Textiles GCSE to good use!!

And I'm doing the fun bit now styling the room. Annoyingly the sofa's are not arriving until November the 11th but everything else will be in place and ready. I'm not putting any pictures up until the sofas and TV are in, so I can work out the spacing etc but I know where I want them

Jeff has laid the tiles in the fireplace, they were left over from the kitchen and we will be adding a wood burning stove effect fire, when we've saved up enough

I think you'll agree though, a bit of a transformation from what was there before x

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