Monday, 17 October 2016

Willing half term to be here!

Definitely Autumn now and Ghost Pumpkins adorn the side. We are willing halt term to arrive, as colds are appearing and the energy tanks are nearing empty.

I treated myself to a weekday, morning viewing of 'The Girl on the Train'. I'd read the book earlier this year and wanted to see the film. It feels slightly naughty going to see it in the morning, on your own but our cinema charges £6.50 with coffee and biscuits, so it would be wrong not to!!

Sophie and I also braved Ikea on a Saturday afternoon - madness. We usually go early, as it opens but had to tie it in with a sleepover drop off, so arrived at crazy 1 o'clock, lunchtime! It was mainly a research mission but I did get some bits for the new sitting room. I'm itching for Jeff to get the floor done, so I can paint it and start moving in some of the nice bits, ready for the arrival of the new sofas the first week on November. I want that room 'done' now so we have somewhere nice and cosy to relax in at the end of a busy day.

I'm gearing myself up for the madness of Christmas, always the busiest time of the year for me. Our fabulous wrapping paper will be in the Not on the High Christmas catalogue this year, so I'm trying to prep stuff in case it gets really busy. I'm about to order my postal tubes today, so they arrive during half term, when there will always be someone at home to receive them - the porch isn't quite big enough for them if I'm not in!!

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