Thursday, 27 April 2017

As April ends.....

What a busy month April has been.

It started off with the Reunion - a fantastic night of reminiscing! 

We bought the mini and said goodbye to the 'sensible' car!

Jeff built the new deck in the 'sunny corner' of the garden - all ready for Summer now.

Jeff and I worked hard to find homes for all the dots and spots stock

My friend Anne Marie, celebrated her birthday in Slimming World, Country style

We've found time to start adding a little bit of us into the garden - planting and styling it to our taste. It's starting to feel more like 'our' space now.

This week I have found homes for all the unit furniture - tomorrow I hand over the keys
 and dots and spots will officially be no more!

It's been a busy month, with the main focus on closing down dots and spots but Jeff and I have come out the other side still smiling. He joined me at yoga last night, to improve his stretch - he's super fit but as a result all his muscles are so tight, so yoga it is!

So the month of May, I wonder what you have in store? Sophie has her AS levels fast approaching, I have some supply teaching booked in and have signed up for exam invigilation and half term doesn't seem too far away. Let's hoped it's filled with sunshine too but not on invigilation days (that would be a waste!!!)

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Debdor said...

Wow, what a lot you are packing in. It's funny how life goes in spurts like that, all or nothing. All your hard work in lots of aspects of your lives are paying off now. I feel for Sophie, my main job is in a Secondary School, so I have an inkling... Fingers crossed for her!