Sunday, 9 April 2017

School Reunion

School Reunion - had to come around eventually and as it was 30 years since I left school, now was the time. Time for a catch up with some old faces and a brilliant night it was too!

I haven't actually been back to Cleobury Mortimer, where I went to school, for 27 years. My parents moved down to Somerset the year I went to University, I kept in touch with a few people but never really went back.

So I drove up to Hereford to meet a friend, then travelled over together and stayed with her Mum, who still lives there.

I did make my friend drive past our old house, just for a nosey!!

So champagne to mark the occasion and to start off the celebrations....


It really was quite surreal being back - some thing's had really changed, others, well it could have still  been 30 years ago!

(The school hall - looked smaller than I remember)

Sadly 3 of our year group are no longer with us and with all these things, quite a lot didn't come, it was a shame as I'd of liked to have seen them but their loss, as they missed a fab night. 

 It was a fabulous night, genuinely so lovely to see so many friendly, familiar faces, including a teacher or two! 

I loved my school days and last night refreshed some of those great memories, although going to bed gone 2am has left it's mark on me today. Those 30 years were cruelly evident this morning - I need a day or two to recover these days!!

This breakfast was most welcome this morning!

Hope you've had a great weekend x

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Lisa said...

So pleased to hear you had a good time. I've been to two reunions, one I organised and one someone else did. Both were great evenings. No-one I know has ever regretted going to a reunion- only regretted not going.
Lisa x