Sunday, 7 May 2017


So yesterday morning I set off early, heading down to Cornwall. Typically as I arrived at the 'Welcome to Cornwall' sign, so did the rain, so it was a soggy visit.

I had time to spare so went straight to St Ives. No visit to Cornwall is complete without a visit to my favourite spot, even on a quick day trip.

I timed it perfectly as the doors opened to my favourite place 'The Hub'.
No breakfast being served, just coffee and cake - still most welcome.

I then had a quick walk around the harbour, in the rain, still beautiful and quiet! 
I guess I don't often visit out of full season.

I walked past my little cake shop - trying to be good!

But did buy pasties from here - the best pasties in St Ives! You can't visit Cornwall without buying a pasty and again, timed to perfection as the first batch were being taken out of the oven. Perk of coming now, when it's quieter, no queue!

Sadly for Sam, the Fudge Box was closed - this is the best fudge in St Ives. 
I'll just have to come down again, won't I?

Always love this shop and I popped in to a few of my favourite gift shops too.

Lovely not to be rushed, knowing the boys weren't waiting for me outside.

I parked in the train station car park, so a lovely walk back to the car.

I then drove the along the coast from Hayle to Hells Mouth Cafe, rang Mum and Dad to say I was here and sat with a coffee and waited  for them to arrive.

The whole reason for my visit was to surprise my Granny. We just don't get to go to Cornwall as much as we used to, now Jeff and the children are so busy. I last saw her just before Christmas and when you are 93, soon to be 94, time is precious. So with Jeff working, Sam meeting friends, Sophie working, I decided to get in the car and go and surprise her!

Freshly caught crab sandwiches for lunch were a welcome bonus. I then took her for a spin in the mini, drove to Portreath to look at her old house up on the cliff top, or rather look at where her bungalow used to be!! It is no more, it's been completely re-developed, a huge house in comparison to where her little bungalow once stood. We then went back to hers for a couple of hours, before I headed back home. It's a good 5+ hours there and back but completely doable in a day and it was lovely to see her face as she entered the cafe and saw me standing there.

Pasties for tea when I got home - perfect end to a lovely day.
Next time I'll book some sunshine x


WinnibriggsHouse said...

You are so right to visit at any opportunity, time and family are so precious as we get older and it must have been an absolute delight for your nan. X

Christina said...

Oh how lovely, Becky. Your post made me well up. I would give anything to see my nanna's again. I was so close to both of them. I hope your Gran lives for many more years - she has a definite twinkle in those lovely eyes!

Debdor said...

Oooh I love St Ives, do you follow Leanne on ' Todays Stuff ', she lives there. The best icecream shop in the world is there, down past the shops you highlighted - Gooseberry and Elderflower is my favourite