Saturday, 27 May 2017

Working week!

I've pretty much worked all this week invigilating - it reminded me of one of the plus side's self employment had - choosing when to work when the sun was shining! It's been frustrating being inside, knowing it's gloriously sunny outside. Oh well, something to get used to again but on the flip side, I get to enjoy this whole Bank Holiday weekend, without having to promote a sale or pack orders or deal with enquiries for the first time in years. 

The weather has been glorious and it's been a joy to still have the doors open wide to the outside, at 8pm in the evening. We did however have the most incredible storm last night - thunder and lightning continuously over us, for a good hour or more at 3am. Sam somehow slept through the whole thing, goodness knows how!!

Yesterday afternoon, I treated Sophie to a surprise trip to Bath. She's been studying so hard for her exams and is working all this weekend and next. The 5 available days in half term are busy and full of more revision, so I whisked her to Bath for a little retail therapy and......

A reminder of our fabulous trip to Sorrento, Italy last summer x

A glorious afternoon of sunshine, shopping, people watching and gelato x 

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