Monday, 22 May 2017

Two Year Anniversary

 Today is my 2 year Slimming World 'Target' Anniversary.

On the 22nd of May 2015, I reached my Target weight of 9 stone and felt over the moon. With the stress of moving house etc, I continued to lose weight and lowered my target weight to 8st10lbs. Incredible things followed after appearing in the local paper, which was then shared in the National Media.

My target weight wasn't sustainable in the long term and in the May of 2016, I changed my target back to 9 stone. I started running and found a love for something I'd previously hated and had never tried - running my first 5k for Cancer UK.

Struggling to keep in this 7pound bubble, in the September of 2016 I changed my target weight to a more realistic 9st3lbs and that's where I've stayed. I know it was only 3 pound difference but each pound makes a big difference to maintaining.

Being at target is hard because you know it's forever. I'm so determined to keep the weight off this time, that putting the weight back on isn't an option. Finding your 'perfect, happy weight' is key. I feel I am at the right weight for me now. I can wear size 8 jeans and size 12 tops. I am fit and healthy and eat the most delicious food on a daily basis, whilst maintaining my weight loss. 

I am genuinely the happiest I've ever been in my own skin and it's all down to my Slimming World group, fab consultant and the inspiring Instagram community. I still go to group to be inspired, take home fab tips and meal ideas and basically for motivation you just can't get anywhere else. I've not got to group as much as I'd like recently, due to work but I think that staying to group whilst losing the weight and subsequently since being at Target, has kept the weight off today.

I woke to this view this morning when I got up to go to the loo at 4:55am
Life is good, life is for living and I am determined the rest of my life will be at a healthy weight and it's all thanks to Slimming World.

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