Saturday, 3 February 2018

February is here!

Gotta love February - storming in with blue skies and sunshine, in January's wake! It was such a welcome sight, albeit short lived and grey skies and mizzle has returned today. 

As always, January was filled with flowers, in an attempt to brighten the gloomy grey days.

January was a great month for my Slimming World return. I lost 10.5lbs in total and a further 2lbs this morning, so just 10lbs will see me back at target again. 

I've been roasting rhubarb and 

......making chocolate filled raspberries and strawberries. 
This was for taster at group this morning and I came home with a very nearly empty plate, so I'm guessing they went down well.

I'm having to think up new food ideas even more now, as Sophie, frustratingly, has also been diagnosed with PCOS too. I have suspected it for the last couple of years but after a Dr's appointment, we now have the diagnosis. It's really unfair and so much to take on board. What 18yr old wants to have to give up so many foods they enjoy and have to either go without or find alternatives, which really aren't the same!?! We had a brainstorming session together the other evening, starting with what she does like - it'll be a long road ahead but we will get there together.

I always think that with Spring just around the corner, you can see so much more positively about most situations. Had a 10 minute potter out in the garden the other day and there was lots of fresh green shoots on the way, daffodils in bud and the odd crocus beginning to open.

Here's hoping the month of February is short and sweet and acts as that stepping stone to lighter, brighter, sunnier days ahead.

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