Saturday, 17 February 2018

Half term break. blink and you miss it!

Why do the holidays come and go so quickly?

It's been a mixture of work and pleasure - I worked the Monday, then met up with an old Uni friend in Bristol for lunch on the Tuesday. Thankfully it stopped raining whilst we were walking around. 

After our trip to Reading on Saturday, Sophie decided not to revisit Birmingham University on the Wednesday, so it felt like I gained an extra day off. The flooring man had a cancellation, so we got the new vinyl laid early - what a difference having proper flooring makes, after 2 years of plywood!

I also gave the 'loo roll cupboard' a little makeover too, with some new oilcloth.

The last few days have hinted heavily that Spring is well and truly on the way. Managed to get all 3 sets of bedding washed and out on the line to dry this week - makes such a difference.

Faced the scales and Slimming World this morning and got away with a 'maintain' - pretty pleased with that as it's been half term and I've probably been a little less focused what with days out, pancakes, valentine's etc.

Sophie and I have also been doing some 'Sugar Free' baking to find her some recipes to make for school lunches, snacks etc So far we've made cookies, coconut macaroons, jammy oat slices and macadamia rice krispie squares!!

I hope you've all had a good half term - I'm working tomorrow and then it's back to school on Monday - February is whizzing by, which means lighter, brighter, warmer days aren't too far away.

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