Sunday, 11 February 2018

Half term hols.......

.... and we're all ready for the break!

Although no lie in for the first day, instead alarm set and out the door by 7:30am Reading bound. Sophie received offers from all five of the Universities she applied to but has 2 clear favourites. Both have Applicant days, where you are invited to revisit, look at the department and course a little more thoroughly and see the accommodation again. Saturday was the turn of Reading. It was a lovely start, super sunrise to get us on our way but the weather turned grey, wet and miserable - perfect really!! If you can still like a place in that sort of weather, then it'll be fabulous on a warm, sunshiny day!

It was well worth the revisit, perfect opportunity to ask any questions, iron out any queries and basically re-evaluate if it's the place for you. Could she be happy there for the next 4 years of her life!?! And (I think) the answer could be Yes! I could see her being happy there. It felt friendly, safe and a big positive is, that it offers a years placement in work during the 3rd year, so great experience, great for the CV and great for her future employability. Reading itself isn't a city, which is what put her off I think initially but it's big and just a 20 minute train journey to London, plus she could easily get a train back to Somerset. 

We now need to decide whether to revisit Birmingham or just park it away in a box. The thing is, Birmingham requires 3 A's and despite all her hard work, I'm not really sure if that's achievable. The amount of stress and pressure she'd have to put yourself under would be immense. Reading, if her firm choice, is ABB - much more achievable and I also think long term, would the course, working environment be less stressful too!?! Only she can make the decision but she's a clever girl and whatever she decides, she'll work her butt off to do the best she can xx

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Unknown said...

How refreshing to her a parent who is not pushing but allowing her daughter to find her own pace. Good for you.