Sunday, 15 September 2019

Busy week

It's been another busy old week - mix of work and then a trip down to Cornwall on Thursday. It had always been my intention to go down for the day, so Sophie could see everyone before going back to Uni, so we set the alarm early and were in St Ives for breakfast, on a very lovely, blue sky day. 


Met Mum and Dad for lunch but instead of seeing Granny at her home, we visited her in hospital. She had a nasty fall on Monday, managed to hit her head and lost a lot of blood, so 2 blood transfusions later..... got a phone call last night to say she's now home x


Sam had his first driving lesson on Friday evening, he was ready to start. I've done quite a bit with him since his birthday in August but he now needs proper lessons. He came back smiling, so that's a good sign.


Then yesterday Sophie and I went to Bristol to see the Lion King.


If you've not seen the Musical Stage Version before and get the opportunity to get tickets, GO!!! It was incredible, the costumes, the dancers, the voices, the puppetry, absolutely fantastic. The tickets were pricey but worth every penny I'd say. 


I'm still humming the tunes in my head! Might see if I can get a cheaper mid-week matinee ticket, treat myself nearer to my birthday, as it's on tour in Bristol until the end of November!

Anyway, have a good week, I'm working today through to Thursday, then it's packing Sophie up to take her back to Reading, so another busy week ahead x

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