Sunday, 22 September 2019

Year 2!!

The beginning of the week I worked, overtime too but on Thursday Sophie and I went to Bath for the day, a last treat day together before her heading back to Reading.

Friday was pretty much full on packing! Me performing a minor miracle, tasked with getting all of this into a Micra. Thanks to my father and his packing skill legacy, I did actually squeeze it all in but goodness knows how Jeff managed to fit in too last year!!! Her stuff has multiplied!

6:00 am alarm, arriving in Reading at 8:20, 40 minutes early but we were allowed to go in and start unpacking. 

Goog job really, she's on the third floor this year, thankfully there was a lift, as 5 trolley loads later we had got everything out of the car......

.....and into her room! 
After bagsying a shelf in the fridge and freezer, we headed off to the big Sainsbury's to do a huge shop - £130 later!!! she's well stocked up and has a lifetime supply of loo roll stashed under her bed.

She's desperately hoping her flatmates are cleaner this year. The kitchen is all set up for 8 but at the last count there were still only 5 of them so far. 

I hung around for as long as I was wanted. I took my prompt from Sophie, basically help her unpack most of her room for her, then go!!! It was so much easier saying goodbye this year. I know she has friends, I know she feels safe, I know she is happy, so no tears this time round........

....just a date in the diary to meet up and see each other again xx

Have a fabulous year Sophie x

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