Sunday, 20 October 2019

Day Tripper!

I've been busy this week gallivanting!
Ages ago Sophie and I penciled in a possible date to visit her in Reading, well it came around pretty quickly and yes, she would still like to see me, so out the door by 6:30am Reading bound.

I was allowed to venture to the fabulous Cafe Yolk for a very welcome breakfast.

Sophie posted a pic from there during her first week back in Reading and I made her promise to take me the next time I visited, so worth the wait, delicious.

I didn't really have long there, after a 3 hour journey there (usually only takes 2), breakfast, the obligatory 'all expenses paid for' food shop, then back to hers for a coffee, before heading home. Back just in time to head straight back out again to Sam's school for an Apprenticeship Evening. He's not sure if Uni is for him, we've agreed on a year out but are exploring Degree Apprenticeships as another possible option. Trouble is they are few and far between, hard to find and highly sought after, so maybe it'll be easier said than done!

The time is whizzing on by again! Autumn really is here now, settled in, so far quite damp and miserable but always lovely to spot the first ghost pumpkins in the shops.

So on Saturday Sam and I were up and out early again - this time off to Cornwall for the day. Granny's had another fall, been in hospital again, the second time in a few weeks and to top it all now has pneumonia! She was sent home on the Friday, so we at least got to see her at home. Sam drove the whole way down, all but the chunk of motorway. We stopped via Portreath, just to see the sea and buy a pasty - couldn't go to Cornwall without having a pasty. Sadly only down for a few hours, quick coffee at Mum and Dad's, before turning around and heading back home. Sam and I both had work today, so it had to be a flying visit, catching moments when I can x

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