Sunday, 13 October 2019

My sister is 50.....

My sister is 50.......

which means in 13 months I will be 50!
Eek! now that's a bit scary!

A couple of pics of us as children.

So yesterday I met up with my sister and niece, who incidentally turns 11 on Monday, for lunch (we missed you Sophie). We choose Italian, to keep with our theme of going to Florence in May, to celebrate both our birthdays. I gave her a little Italian coffee themed gift to celebrate - an Italian mug filled with amaretti biscuits, some Italian coffee and a Caffe Nero voucher - our intention in Italy is to drink copious cups of coffee, whilst sitting 'people watching' and just enjoying spending time together  x

Lunch was lovely, the whole place sang Happy Birthday to Jo's embarrassment!! 
We shared the tiramisu and it was delicious.

So a lovely day, with Florence in May to look forward to x

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