Saturday, 5 October 2019

Hello October!!

Farewell September......

.... a full on month for sure.
 As Jeff and Sam went back to school, Sophie and I jetted off to Paris, just the two of us, a fab few days in the capital. We also had a flying visit down to Cornwall to see Granny and enjoyed trips to Bristol and Bath, before taking Sophie back to Uni in Reading. A full on few days packing and moving her in ready to start Year 2. Sam started driving lessons and Jeff slotted back into school life - busy!!!!


Pinch and a punch........ hello October! 
I can't quite believe it's already October!!

It's been a rainy few days but we've been treated to a few lovely run rises and....

.....on the rare blue sky day, I've certainly made the most of it!

My day off was spent cleaning!! But good to get on top of everything again.

Any spare time I've had has been out with Sam driving. We agreed to one school run a day, takes up a good hour of my day but gives him invaluable practise of everyday driving. Plus it means I get to spend a little extra time with him. He's a boy of few words, so it's nice to just chat for half an hour, feel a little more connected to the boy that hides away in his room.

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