Sunday, 27 October 2019

He only went and passed!!!

Big week for Sam, his driving Theory test! The jammy bugger only went and passed! He did very little prep, in fact hardly any up until the past couple of weeks, and only because I kept moaning at him. Anyway it's done now and the test centre of Yeovil beckons in a few months time!

All the Autumn feels this week, the clocks went back last night so we're enduring the darker evenings for the next few months. I love Autumn and all the colours and changes but as we approach the darker nights, it's my least favourite time of the year.

Jeff and I ventured out out!! on Friday. It was truly awful evening, dark, wet windy but we had tickets, booked months ago, to see......

....Lisa Stansfield.

Wasn't sure what to expect but it was a thoroughly good evening, if you forget the weather. She was tiny, looked fabulous and sang the old chart toppers from the late 80's, early 90's.

Thankfully I had a day off on Saturday, spent a good chunk of it baking and just generally enjoying a quiet, nothing on the agenda, kinda day at home - just what I needed x
I worked all day today, leaving the boys on the quest to grab local Glastonbury Festival tickets and both were happy. Sam got himself a full ticket and Jeff a Sunday ticket, so lets start hoping the weather is on their side and they get to enjoy a sunny rather than soggy Festival.

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