Saturday, 21 March 2020

Corona Virus just got real!!!

Corona Virus just got real!!!
Anyone else feel this too?

Last week was odd, an eerie feeling in the air, a week where you constantly listened to the radio for updates, always refreshing your social media channels for news, at work the guidelines changing daily, awaiting phone calls from Sophie for an update to her Uni life! Will exams go ahead or not for Sam? Will my holiday plans be cancelled (that one seems slightly trivial now!!)

At work we have been changing what we do daily. As a 'key worker' I'll still be going to work as planned, even more so now, to cover absent colleagues who are now self isolating for 2-12 weeks. Our team of supervisors/runners, of which I am one, has halved. Yesterday I worked my normal shift, went home for 2 hours, had something to eat, then went back in until 10pm. 

The shelves are stripped bare due to selfish stock pilers, so now new rationing has had to be brought in, to which people aren't happy - 2 of a type of item as of yesterday! Most shoppers understood, weren't necessarily happy but accepted why these restrictions had been put into place, others were angry, argumentative, horrible individuals, who thought by demanding to speak to a Manager, they'd get their own way!! Overruling the lowest of the low 'shop worker', who is now one of the countries key workers!!!!

I spent part of my day yesterday marking out the floor with tape to illustrate to customers the importance of social distancing! Did they take any notice? NO! They are predominantly selfish individuals thinking only of themselves and what they can get.

I am honestly shocked, given the measures that are being imposed on a daily basis, how many people really are not taking this seriously. The old and vulnerable who should be self isolating, are out and about shopping, chatting to friends on a daily basis. Yet many young people who have seen their whole lives come crashing down around them, with the cancellation of exams and school, are being made an example of for not staying in. We are all doing this so the elderly, the vulnerable, those of poor health or underlying medical conditions, have a chance of quite simply 'living' and not 'dying' from this awful virus.

We are doing this so are hard working NHS staff aren't overwhelmed by vast numbers of people needing specialist care and equipment to keep themselves alive. They are putting in all the hours to keep the system working and it needs everyone to play their part. Just because you don't have it, you don't know someone who has got it, doesn't mean there's not a chance of that very quickly changing. Take on board the guidelines seriously!

 On Wednesday I brought Sophie home from Uni. That's it, her Second Year done, over, no summer exams, no summer ball, no saying goodbye. Everything has moved on-line, only overseas students remain who haven't managed to get home. All assessment will be done remotely via online tests, papers etc and abruptly her year ends and she finds herself home until at least September.

On Thursday Sam came home from school saying A Levels are cancelled. Exams over, Year 13 over, school over, forever!! No exams, no end of year finale, no goodbyes and the prospect of socially isolating himself from his friends for the foreseeable future. He's had tears, he's been stressed, he's worried about the unknown. He's worried about what grades he'll be given, as he's only just started to apply himself and put in the work over the past 6 weeks. He's worried that he's not applied to a university this year, as having a gap year and will this all impact when he does apply the following year. He's worried he now won't get a gap year job, be able to travel, enjoy his year out. So much for these young people to process, when the actual virus is yet to show it's self in their immediate world.

Jeff is still working. Most pupils have gone home, given the majority are from overseas. He's still in next week teaching remotely, via online methods.  He will then get the Easter holidays but the school have a Community Group who are out supporting the local community during this difficult time, volunteering, getting supplies, walking dogs etc. 

Like many I have had the radio on, BBC news updates, Boris's update every evening at 5pm but I find Boris waffles and says very little, and on the radio they just talk and talk and it just ends up being noise. I've found getting a daily round up via the @simplepolitics Instagram account the most informative, a bullet point update of the days events. 

I'm determined to keep a daily routine during this period of time. An extra 30 min lie in, then a coffee followed by kitchen yoga. I've persuaded Sophie to join me, think Jeff will too once he breaks up and if he's not out on a run. We're following a 30 day course on Amazon Prime. I need it at the moment for both my mental and physical health and it sets me up for the day ahead. 

Food will be a little imaginative as the days go on and I hope they won't realise but I will be rationing certain elements of a meal, just so things can stretch further. Huge positive bringing Sophie home, was her pasta stash I'd given her at the start of the year, which she'd forgotten about and found under her bed! That should keep us going for a while!!

The best thing I've seen for days is that the sun is set to make an appearance. That should lift everyone's mood and although a cold wind today, it's been lovely to see blue skies and sunshine.

So tomorrow I'm back in work after a much needed day off today. I'm in at 8am, no Mother's day lie in for me! I suspect I'll be running/supervising on my own due to the staff shortages, so I'm hoping people will be nice! 

Just please remember to stay home if you can. Don't come to the supermarket as a whole family, don't idle down the aisles. Take a basket, buy the necessities and then go home. Keep your distance, keep your movements to a minimum, don't be selfish, think WE not ME and although this isn't affecting you yet, you have no idea when it could.

Keep safe and think of others too x

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Fiona said...

Excellent post - thank you for everything that you are doing.