Sunday, 15 March 2020

Corona Virus uncertainty.

 Life is funny isn't it? I'm very much an organised, routined human being, very much like to know what I'm doing and when, with things to look forward to but this Corona Virus and the uncertainty that comes with it, is certainly throwing me off course. I'm not worried about catching it, in fact I'd rather get it over and done with. It's the vulnerable and elderly that it affects more we're told.

At work I am in the firing line. Everyone is going to the supermarket, everyone is touching everything. I have to touch everything, the food the customers have touched, the money, the bank cards. They cough and sneeze in the queue, then hand me their money!! Not sure what would happen if someone tested positive at work, would we all have to self isolate?? Jeff of course works in a
 school full of International students and with exam season approaching, Sam is worried exams will be delayed, Sophie thinks everything will be done 'online' and they won't get a summer term or a summer ball! but who knows...... no one, it would seem. So we all sit and wait and listen to the advice of the experts, where the UK advice seems to be different from every other country. 14 weeks is the length of time they're talking about, 3+ further months of not knowing what is happening.

Sam and I went to Bristol yesterday, maybe we shouldn't of gone, it was eerily quiet first thing but got busier as the morning went on. People wearing masks, Boots was the busiest shop by far with people trying to buy paracetamol and cough sweets in preparation. The selfish, stock-pile buying at work is something else! Loo roll, hand soap, tinned food, pasta, paracetamol, hand soap/sanitiser... as soon as the shelves are re-stocked, they are empty.

We have no idea how long this situation is going to last. My trip to Florence is up in the air, it's 10 weeks away. Do we go, will we even be able to fly, will our flights be cancelled or are we able to change our flights. The way things are going I think we'd be better to wait a year, do it this time next year, we've only waited 27 years to go, one more won't harm! But we'll just have to wait and see and try not to fixate on the news totally and take sensible measures to keep ourselves and those more vulnerable safe and looked after. 

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Debdor said...

I wish the Government would close school's to pupils. We have a lot off today, and some nastiness going on, accusations of having the virus, when all they have done is sneeze, and some parents demanding their child doesn't sit by another pupil etc... It is all the kids are talking about, they are very anxious about it. Our poor leadership team, had no weekend at all, between coming in for meetings on Saturday, and the constant email questions. It is not a 'healthy' environment for them....