Saturday, 28 March 2020


So right from the start of the week, I knew things were going to change. 
I worked Sunday, Mother's Day and it was horrible. Restrictions were in place and people were being asked to remove items from their trolleys, so that stock could be replenished and item levels improved. A vast selection of customers were confrontational, argumentative, non compliant, rude....

I came home exhausted, tearful, felt sick, dreaded going in to work on Monday. And I was right to be worried, it was physically and mentally exhausting. I ended my 8 hour shift, half an hour late, questioning why I was putting my life at risk and that of my family, for some extremely selfish individuals. 

Whilst I was at work, the Prime Minister put the country into LOCKDOWN!
Hopefully now people would start to treat this Virus with the seriousness it demands.

I had a much needed day off on Tuesday - the good weather very much welcomed by us all. I joked that you'll be able to tell who worked during the pandemic because their uniforms will be really faded from continually being washed.

Wednesday evening at work was much better. I had intended to go into work, saying I wasn't cut out to be a runner/supervisor, just put me back on a till out of the way but improvements were being made and in reality, there are only 3 of us left out of the original 10 to do the job!!! I don't get paid any more than any other colleague to do this role, so was seriously questioning why I was putting myself out there, to be shouted at, when I could just be like everyone else, just hide behind a till. However customers were now lining up to come in, restricting the number of customers allowed into the store at any one time. Only every other till was now in use and social distancing measures were being enforced. Strict restrictions on food items were being lifted, with 'sensible' shopping now being encouraged. 

Thursday was my normal day off. Jeff was still teaching remotely via the wonders of technology from his study, waking Sam at 9am every morning with his dulcet tones. Sam, who should have spent this period of time revising hard for his A Levels, is now living his best life doing nothing. Sophie was still having lectures this week and has assignments to do. She, like Jeff will have the next 3 weeks off for the Easter break but will go back into full study/work mode mid April. I've still been trying to keep up with my yoga and healthy eating. You'll either come out of the lockdown the fittest you've been in years or 2 stone heavier!!

One of the things you are allowed to do during lockdown, is go out for some daily exercise. I've just been going for a walk around the block, often with Sophie, taking the opportunity to get some fresh air and break up the day. It's become a much needed 'head space' clearing time too.

It's sad that all these beautiful Spring sights will be missed by those that can't/aren't allowed to go out but the bird song has gone up in volume, the air feels cleaner and without all the cars on the roads and people everywhere, life has slowed down. We spend a lot of time together at home, as a family anyway, so there isn't to much adjustment needed. It's just the nice things/outings/trips we had planned, for the various milestone birthday's this year, that'll be missed or have to be postponed.

Being a 'key worker' is hard both mentally and physically. I'm very aware that I'm putting my health at risk and that of my family, by having to go out to work and mix with other people daily. But I am nothing compared to those working on the front line in the NHS, keeping so many alive and helping others fight off this horrible Virus. It was emotional listening to the nation applaud the NHS Staff on Thursday evening. I hope they do know that their efforts and hard work are appreciated by so many. I think the Government should go further and pay those putting their lives at risk, double pay or reward their hard work when this is all over. I can't even begin to imagine what they are having to deal with/ cope with/process on a daily basis.

We are lucky to be alive, we are lucky to have a chance to survive this pandemic but only if we do as we are told. If selfish individuals continue to ignore the advice/rules/sanctions that have been put in place, we could be living like this for a very long time.

So, like the beginning of the week and my Mother's Day celebrations, we end the week with Jeff's 51st birthday celebrations! I secretly knew we'd be okay in lockdown, as I had Jeff's soap and chocolate birthday gifts, stashed away upstairs in the cupboard.

My yummy, calorific, chocolate brownies were the cake of choice. Everyone's favourite and thankfully I had all the ingredients to make it!!

Happy Birthday Jeff x

Hope the coming weeks are okay for you all, I'm guessing we'll all slot in to a new 'norm' as time goes on. Just stay home, stay healthy and safe and let's all look after each other xx

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