Saturday, 20 June 2020


As I mentioned in my earlier post, I feel lockdown is coming to an end, as we conclude week 13! 

Lockdown has been a period of enforced time, at home together as a family and for me that's been a huge positive, spending time together. 

I've tried to encapsulate lockdown in a few pics, as to what it's meant to me. 

I will remember clapping every Thursday night in appreciation of our fabulous NHS. 

I'm forever thankful for the fantastic weather we were lucky to enjoy, which meant lazy lunches and evening meals sat outside in the garden together. 

Daily 'Boris Walks' with Jeff and Sam mainly, along the Levels, the Polden Way and around the local area, close to home. 

Enjoying ever changing views of Glastonbury Tor.... 

....and my fabulous allium display, hostas and natural bee friendly grass verges. 

A major focus has been hair and keeping a short style in shape during Lockdown. I thank Jeff for being brave enough to tackle my locks and am glad Sam's disastrous buzz cut looks half decent again, now he'll be seen out in public!! 

I have worked throughout, a physically and mentally draining task but with great team spirit. Jeff's taught virtually, Sophie's endured exams online and Sam? Sam's A-levels got cancelled, his Gap Year starting early and he became my personal chauffeur, driving me to and from work just to keep up with his driving! 

We've eaten well, too well, baked lots, enjoyed one too many ice-creams and....

 the odd bottle of Corona!! 


Oh and I nearly forgot, I've read more books than I ever normally do, just finishing my 7th!! 

There have been tears, disappointments, cancelled trips, long tiring days at work but we've been there for each other, enjoyed more time together as a family than we have in years, appreciating the small stuff here at home. 

As life slots in to it's 'new normal' and the pace increases and we find ourselves spread slightly further afield again, I will look back on this period of lockdown, as a time together, a bit of precious family time we wouldn't have otherwise had x

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