Saturday, 20 June 2020

WEEK 13!

It's no longer Lockdown! 
Well, officially the Government are still using that term but the reality is, that the vast amount of people are going about their everyday business as if the virus is no longer there! The 2m distance ruling is under review, which is about the only thing that makes you feel safer when out and about.
So this is the week I should've been packing Sophie up and bringing her home for the summer. This is the week we should have enjoyed Mamma Mia, we're lucky it's been rescheduled but not until June 2022!! We were due a haircut!!! Enough said about that the better..... would've also been the week that Sam sat his final A Level exam!!
I am really proud of the way he has dealt with the situation. Obviously we have the dreaded results day to come but we will deal with the outcome as and when we know more. I look on our time together in Lockdown, as bonus time. Time Sam wouldn't have otherwise chosen to spend with his mother but as a result of enforced time at home, I have enjoyed his company on numerous 'Boris Walks' over the past 13 weeks.

So this week started okay....... 

......but turned into a thoroughly wet, grey, miserable, soggy week.

We cancelled our holiday!
As a family, we decided if flights were to still to go ahead, we felt that it was too risky to fly. The holiday would not be the one we booked. We have no idea what it would be like in Majorca and as we travel on public buses everywhere, get a taxi to and from the airport, enjoy eating out every evening, it wouldn't be the holiday we looked forward to. Easyjet had just emailed us, to offer transferring our flights over into vouchers and we contacted our villa owner, who is happily carrying over our booking and deposit over to next year. We had originally planned to go to Greece next year to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary but we'd be silly to waste this years booking. 
What's another year in the grand scheme of things??

So the weather has reflected our mood this week.
Although the garden has loved and needed the rain....

....I have not! 
I've felt down this week. I guess it's the realisation that there are no nice things to look forward to. That it's all work and no play. The only thing to have made this whole situation more bearable has been the sunshine and when it disappears, you notice it not being there!

So unlike the start of the week, when I got to enjoy my book out in the garden, drinking coffee in the sunshine, instead I cuddled up on the sofa with my book and a hot water bottle!!

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