Saturday, 6 June 2020


WEEK 11!?!

Should have been a big week for Sam, with 4 exams this week.

It feels like lockdown is ending in terms of 'life' returning to normal'ish! Schools are reopening and some businesses are back up and running, McDonalds has reopened!!! just as the 'R' rate is rising here in the South West!!! I feel this is going to go on forever and ever. I have felt a little down about it all this week, nothing to look forward to, the change in the weather hasn't helped. Work for the past 12+ weeks has been mad. There was the panic buying, then the restrictions, then the transition and adaption time, as all the social distancing measures were introduced. In a weeks time some colleagues who have been isolating at home, on full pay, return, to be introduced back into our 'new norm'! It will be strange for us all, we've become quite a tight team, looking out for one another.

Pinch and a we're now in the merry month of June. 
Typically British, we enter the summer months and the rain and unsettled weather arrives.

I'm a fair weather 'Boris Walker' I do not like the rain. 
Our walks as a result have been short and sweet, just once around the block.

To be fair the garden has needed some rain. 
We've had particularly gloriously, sunshiny weather during lockdown thus far. 

Sadly the verges outside of our house have been cut. During Lockdown they'd been left to grow, to show off, to display their beauty. They have been full of grasses, wild flowers, a bees paradise, a lockdown bonus. So it was really sad to look out of the kitchen window to see this! 

Another lockdown bonus for me has been the time to read!. I've mentioned it before but I only ever read on holiday when I have time. With lockdown and nowhere to go, nothing to do and plenty of sunshine, I've sat out in the garden and read. I'm on my sixth book and have another 4 waiting for me, I just need the sun to shine again, as I oddly struggle to find time to read inside.

I did find time because of the change in the weather, to spend an afternoon updating my new diary, right through to January 2022! We book our holidays on a rolling year at work, so I can now book this time next year, when we hope to reschedual our Florence trip. 

Something that never changes is the fact my family eat me out of house and home. Literally all my wages get spent back on food!! Every week I bake a batch of cookies, it's up to them how long they last, guarenteed they're done and dusted by Friday if not before.

I have bought myself a couple of bunches of peonies to cheer myself up. The peony season doesn't last that long, so I treat myself when I spot them in the shops. During this time of uncertainty I think we need to look for the small positives to cheer us up xx

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