Saturday, 27 June 2020

WEEK 14!

...and counting!

Life is certainly not back to normal but it's certainly not lockdown! 
So it's 14 weeks since the madness began. Should have enjoyed a night out in Bristol at the Harbourside Festival on Friday but of course like much else, it's been re-scheduled for next year.

Sam should have been experiencing his first Glastonbury. Good job my sister has a tent to lend him for next year, this one was a little on the small side!! It would've been hit and miss on the weather front anyway. After enjoying a mini heatwave at the start of the week it's been raining off and on for the past couple of days, typical Glastonbury weather.

The butterflies have been loving the sunshine and the Buddleia in full bloom.

Jeff and I have still been out 'Borising' although for some reason there hasn't been the time to go further afield, just a quick whizz around the block each night.

We've been pretending we're enjoying our Majorcan villa, eating al fresco and making the most of the glorious weather. Just need a pool to cool down in!! Our flights have now been officially cancelled, so the decision would have been taken out of our hands anyway but we stand by our decision not to go. It didn't feel right on many levels.

We have been further afield though. On Thursday we day tripped it down to Cornwall and back, to visit my family. I've not seen them since January and the kids, since before Christmas, so it was lovely, albeit odd keeping our distance, no hugs etc. We took our own chairs, picnic lunch, antibacterial wipes, stayed 2 meters away....

....had a birthday cake with no candles, to celebrate my dad's birthday.

We then went down to see Granny. Dad got her outside, safely sat on her garden bench and we stayed a good 2m away, sitting opposite her out in the garden. It was all very odd, no hugs, couldn't make her a cup of tea or do any jobs for her but she was pleased to see us and I'm glad we went, all within the rules! She'll be 97 in a few weeks time, so we plan to go down for the day again, to help her celebrate x

Jeff is celebrating too, the end of term, he's now finished for the summer. It was all quite strange, no big finale, no real 'full stop' just a gentle roll into his summer holidays for the next 9 weeks! Given we're no longer going away on holiday, I have a little 'to do' list I keep adding to, just to keep him out of mischief or stop him getting bored!!

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