Saturday, 3 October 2020

Pinch and a punch....

Good morning from my corner of the kitchen.
It's a wet, dark, miserable morning here in Somerset. Sophie and I should be on the road, driving down to Cornwall to visit my Granny but my Dad phoned yesterday and advised us not to travel. The forecast was for 100% rain and strong winds, so we  have stayed home and will hope to make it down there in a couple of weeks. My worry is that Boris will say we can't visit other people's households soon and that would mean I wouldn't be able to see my Granny, so I will keep up with any changes and updates and if necessary, whiz down if I have to, before restrictions come in to play. Time is precious x

Anyway a pinch and a punch..... and hello October!!

September was a good month. We established new routines as Jeff went back to work, Sophie started working from home and Sam upped his hours at his old weekend job, whilst studying for his Physics exam next week!!! He, as you know, sprained his ankle but is back on his feet again and coming out with me for our weekly walks, trying to improve my photography skills whilst out.

This incredible rainbow was on display at the back of the house the other evening. After a grey, miserable day, the colours were amazing, so vibrant. 

It lasted for ages, was in fact a double one and spanned across the whole back of the house. It's hard to capture these things sometimes but it was truly wonderful.

So on Thursday Sam and I went for our weekly walk before he got his head down and revised. I'd noticed this place when we went to see the sunflower fields a few weeks ago. 

We headed to Burrows Mump, owned by the National Trust. Not much there but you got incredible views from the top across the Levels. We then went to Greylands RSPB Reserve, extremely small but eerily quiet. We didn't see much of any note but it was nice to take photo's in a different place.

So another week is done and dusted and now we're in October, it's getting darker and distinctly more Wintery. This time of year is the worst for me. I can deal with the cold (just about) but I can't deal with the dark, wet, miserable days. Sam has literally just come down for his breakfast and commented on how dark and depressing it is at 10:00am. He's off to work in a bit, so just Sophie and I at home. I then work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, so am going to enjoy my day doing nothing.

Let's hope the month dries up and we get some lovely crisp, blue sky, late warm sunshiny days. Given everything else that's going on, we need to at least get the weather on our side!!
Have a good week x


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