Saturday, 31 October 2020

October ends...

Where has this week gone? 
It's been a shocker on the weather front but we've tried to grab every dry moment we can, to go out and get some fresh air....

....enjoy the autumn colours. 

This picture of Glastonbury Tor was taken from the Hood Monument. Sam and I have been waiting for the trees to turn more autumnal, to capture this 'framed' shot.

We spotted more fungi out on our walk through Combe Hill Woods.

I'd never really appreciated the variety. 
Goes to show what you can miss if you're not looking for it.

Love this shot of Jeff striding out along the ridge.

Amazingly I'm still picking figs from my little tree in the garden.

The smoke tree is doing it's 'thing' and turning the most vibrant red.

Yesterday my sister and I went down to Cornwall to see our Granny....

...and met with Mum and Dad for lunch.

It was lovely to spend so much time together and see everyone whilst we still can. There's a Press Conference today, a rumoured second Lockdown, to be enforced from Wednesday!?!
 Poor Sophie, that's her 21st birthday, will have to make it a special day nevertheless.

So it's Halloween today. Our homegrown pumpkins have done us proud.

So much so, that Jeff has become too attached to them to actually carve them...

...and went and bought himself a shop bought one to carve!

We're not expecting any Trick or Treaters this year. 
By the sounds of it, come 4pm, we'll be back into lockdown for the next month at least! No birthday celebrations for Sophie or I, although I guarantee they'll still be cake and a bottle of bubbly to mark the occasion. I've decided to stay at 49 for the year, hold back time and celebrate next year instead!!


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