Sunday, 15 November 2020

Mid November already???

So walking is still my happy thing to do. I've been on holiday, holiday booked last year, if I cancelled it to rebook it, where and when would I book it for before March!?!  So I decided to take it anyway and if dry, get out walking.

Having worked the Monday, on the Tuesday I got up and out early and walked up and around Dundon Beacon. This it photographed from Coombe Hill Woods. 

Annoyingly my walk didn't quite go to plan, as I met someone I knew from yoga walking her dog and sort of got hijacked into a fast paced walk to the top, where we then parted ways and I finished with a more leisurely amble through the woods!! It was lovely and I will go back to explore some more.

On Wednesday, after a quick Sainsbury's shop, I headed over to Combe hill woods. It was a race against the rain, forecast to arrive later in the day. I spent a good couple of hours, even Remembrance Hour in the woods, on my own and it was lovely.

Thursday and the promise of a sunny morning, I got up early and headed up Glastonbury Tor. Now I've not been up the Tor for a good year and a half. The last time I went there was when the festival was on and we went to see how much of the festival we could see. There were a few people around but not as busy as it has been during the first lockdown and the summer, that's why I'd avoided it- too busy!

I spent a good couple of hours after my initial climb to the top, meandering around the sides and lower area of the Tor and found an unexpected amount and variety of fungi to photograph.

Friday, another dry day, I got up early and headed over to Shapwick Heath Nature Reserve, neighbours with Ham Wall RSPB Nature Reserve, both within my 5 mile radius from home. It was so quiet to begin with but by the time I left, it had got quite busy. It felt good to be outside and make the most of the good weather as rain, continuous rain!! was forecast for the weekend.

And so Saturday, my 50th birthday, it rained ALL day! 
Not to worry I had a lovely day, felt totally loved and spoilt rotten by friends and family. All things considered, being in lockdown, everything cancelled, I had a lovely birthday.

Now to embrace my 50's!!


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