Saturday, 21 November 2020

Seriously, where is November going???

In all seriousness - where is November going? The 21st already!!
And only 5 weeks to Christmas!!

Maybe because I've had time off, managed to get out for a few walks but the time is just flying by. This was Jeff and I last Sunday, a windy blast of fresh air up on the Poldens, a change from work.

On Monday I headed over to Lollover Hill in Compton Dundon. 
A very muddy, race against the wind and rain.

I worked on Tuesday and then on Wednesday dashed up Wearyall Hill in Glastonbury. 
Just a quick burst of fresh air before the rain arrived.

And that marked the end of week two of Lockdown, round two!!

Thursday was the best day forecast, so I was up and out early, in the car park by 8.20am. My aim was to walk the final section of the Polden Way to Hurcot Hill, pictured above

It was sooooo muddy, made it really hard walking but I kept at it, 3 and half hours of continual walking and I was super proud of myself by the time I got back to the car.

I did take time out to photograph a few bits along the way!!

On Friday it rained all day but this arrived in the post to cheer me up. A belated birthday card from a Uni friend, my partner in crime for many years, she was there with me, the night I met Jeff. We always had THE best time on a night out!! Big smiles, bright red lippy, a little drunk!!

Anyway Friday was also pay day and we we've been given a little extra discount, for four days at work. So I went Christmas shopping!! Bought all the store cupboard stuff, jars, pickles, jelly, crisps, nuts, crackers, panettone, christmas pud, wine, loo rolls etc. Of course the hardest part was finding a home for it all, remembering where I've put it all and hoping it's all still there come Christmas!! Might do a smaller round two on Monday, just in case we don't get as much of a discount again!! I doubt it. Always worth making the most of these little extras when they come along.

Saturday and I persuaded this one to come out for a walk with me! Working from home, she can spend days where she doesn't even leave the house. She's always been one for the rules and with a huge fear of dogs, she doesn't enjoy going out walking but because Ham Wall is a RSPB reserve, dogs are not encouraged and have to be on a lead, so she had no excuse. We had a lovely walk and we left with the promise she'd do it again!! 

Anyway my time off is coming to an end. I've enjoyed having no set agenda, just being able to get up and go out walking, on my own, wherever I fancy. It's been nice having nothing specific to do, a lot more restful! I'm not looking forward to going back to work, it's already starting to get busy and I do find the increased responsibility quite stressful. Gone are the days when I was just on a till chatting away to the customers.... I miss it. I now run around like a little crazy, mad woman, running and doing customer service.....anyway just four Sundays to go, as I've one booked off, to put up the Christmas tree!! Five Mondays but one of those might be until midnight!! Five more Tuesdays, plus a bit of overtime thrown in for good measure. It feels awful counting down like this, work is always better when it's busy but we're often short staffed, so are doing above and beyond anyway. I'll need a bit more holiday the way this is looking but sadly have only 24hrs and 50 mins remaining until March 6th 2021!


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