Saturday, 13 February 2021


This week has been cold!!!
Bitterly COLD!!!
With the wind chill -4 degrees cold!!

I worked my normal Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and did a little overtime on Friday.

The only warmth, is the burst of yellow dotted around the house from my daffodils.

Spurred on by my camera, I did take myself off for a long 10km walk on Wednesday. 
Despite being bitterly cold, the sun was shining.....

...and I set off back along the South Drain, over to Ham Wall.

This is how cold it was, ice in the middle of a fast flowing river!!

But this was how wonderful the sunshine was!!!

I've been looking after my feathered visitors, keeping them fed during this bitterly cold spell. They've been battered by the winds, a cold Easterly. Things should warm up from tomorrow but it's looking like half term week is going to be a showery affair. It had been looking dry but now there's the daily rain symbol, with sunshine set for the following week, typical!! Although with lockdown still in place, there is nowhere to go or anything to do, other than your daily permitted exercise! Sophie and I should be at the Bristol Hippodrome today, watching a re-scheduled WAITRESS, which has now been moved to July, not sure that will even happen, the way things are going. 

It's Chinese New Year, it was this time last year that we began to sit up and take notice, that we might be affected by what was the start of the Pandemic in China. They had to cancel all their celebrations and were not able to travel.... we had no idea what was about to be in store for us!!

So Jeff is now on holiday after a half term of teaching virtually. He took the car in for it's MOT on Friday and returned home with these beautiful tulips, an early Valentine's x

I'll be working all Valentine's Day, must remember to wear something red, Boss's orders!! 
Sophie and Sam are cooking tea now on a Sunday evening, so after a long shift at work I can come home to everything ready, that's a real treat, no cooking.

So with no real plans for next week, other than Tuesday off as holiday, it'll all depend on the weather, as to whether we'll get out and do much walking, which is about the only thing we can do!!

If it's allowed next year, I'm determined to go somewhere European, just a 2/3 day mini break. 
It's looking lovely in Palma right now!!

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