Saturday, 27 February 2021


Last week of February and week 8 of Lockdown 3 commences. 

Boris set out his roadmap for coming out of lockdown on Monday. Nothing really immediate - as of the 8th of march ALL schools will return, so that means Jeff will be back in school for 2 weeks and I guess, Sam will be back in the kitchens!! You can also meet another person for a coffee on a bench!!

Then in a further 3 weeks time, on the 29th of March, you can meet others, the rule of 6, outside, including private gardens. The 'stay at home' rule ends, although stay local as much as possible is encouraged but travel outside your local area is permitted. So we may be able to pop to Cornwall to see family, or meet up with my sister.

Then in a further 2 weeks, on the 12th of April, hairdressers re-open!!!! YAY!!!
All shops can open and you will be able to eat at a cafe or restaurant 'outside'.

On the 17th of May, a further 5 weeks down the line, you will be able to meet in groups of up to 30 outside, 2 households or the rule of 6 will be able to meet 'indoors' and you will be able to eat inside a pub etc. International travel MAY resume...... 

Then on June the 21st, 5 weeks on, All legal limits on social distancing will be removed!!

This is of course all subject to change depending on how things pan out between now and then!!

So I feel we are in lockdown for a further 4 weeks until the 29th of March,
 when the ' stay at home' measures are lifted.

Sophie and I have been filling some of our spare time doing jigsaws, they're actually quite addictive and you do switch off from everything else. It's also been nice to spend some time with my girl xx

Before Boris made his announcement I had found my postcard with all our dates laid out for last year and then all the subsequent changes for this year. Things are being cancelled now for good - the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott at the Bristol Harbourside Festival, Seville!!!  Although Reading and Leeds Festivals have just sold out!! Not sure I'll be wanting to head off to a big crowd anytime soon

Also open and taking routine appointments is the dentist, so I was brave and went, as a tooth was on my radar! Basically I have 3 options, redo my root canal, leave it be and see or remove the tooth. Going with the second option for now!!

I have been out walking on Thursday and Friday, waited until the afternoon for the sun to burn through and warm up a little. Soaking up as much of the sun as I can.

Signs of Spring everywhere you look.....

....and my first blossom of the year!

Leaving it a little late yesterday, Sophie dropped me off over by Ham Wall, my furthest point and I walked back. Still a good 6km. It was the most beautiful blue sky day.

Stunning views

So peaceful and calm.

I'm hoping to get out later today, the fog is still hanging around for now.

So another 4 weeks of lockdown but then positive steps ahead for a way back to some form of normality. I'd rather take a more cautionary exit, slow things down if needed to enable a safer way out. I really don't want to have to experience another lockdown. As a 50 year old, I'm hopeful to receive my first vaccination by mid April, if the roll out continues to stay on track. As with Spring in the air, the way forward is hopeful, hopeful of better times ahead xx

Have a good week x

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