Saturday, 20 February 2021


Week 7!! Week 7!?! It feels like it's been forever but on the other hand I can't believe how quickly February is whizzing by.


I worked Sunday - Valentine's Day!
We don't really 'do' Valentines but Jeff surprised me with some tulips and I bought him a jar of Chilli Marmite (very romantic!!) We had heart topped hot cross buns at work and because I pretty much ran things on my own on Sunday, I was given a small Valentine gift to say thank you. Always nice to feel your efforts are appreciated.

It's half term, not that you'd notice!!
It did mean Jeff and I had another go of cutting each others hair!

It's been a pretty soggy week and as the only thing you're allowed to do is walk daily, 
it's been a pretty uneventful week.

I've spent some time improving my photographic skills, 
not sure I should be encouraging this visitor.....

....or the Magpie- they both hoover up all the food!

I had Tuesday booked off as a days holiday, so I was determined to get out and do 'something'!! I ended up just doing the Compton Dundon Village loop, as it's pretty much nearly all road and given the amount of rain we've had and the subsequent mud everywhere, it was the best way to go.

Although, grey, wet and miserable, 
there were plenty of signs of Spring to left your spirits.

On Thursday Jeff kept me company and we decided to do a walk I'd done on my own before, along the Eighteen Foot Rhyne to Walton Drove, then back along Ivythorn Lane.

We actually enjoyed some warm sunshine.....

....but 20 mins from the car, the heavens opened - torrential rain and hail. 
We got soaked!!

Still it was good to get outside and enjoy some sunshine and so lovely to see signs of Spring popping up everywhere. It's raining today, just thoroughly wet and miserable. To be fair February half term is often like this but you have the odd day out to break up the monotony - not in Lockdown (sigh!)

Boris is making an announcement on Monday, laying out the framework and timeline to come out of Lockdown. I'd rather stay like this for longer and not have to do it again, then come out of lockdown too early and have to revisit lockdown. It's beginning to take it's toll. 

Apparently as a 50yr old, I can expect the vaccine by the end of April. To be fair this has been the one thing the Government has done well, the roll out of the vaccine. Hopefully it will allow things to reopen and for life to return to some form of normal. I really can't imagine our booked trips to Florence or Greece will go ahead or any of the musical events we have in the diary, time will tell but I do believe, a year on from when this all started, that we may have a little more hope that life can eventually get back to nearly where it was.....

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