Saturday, 20 March 2021

LD3/WK11..... a year on from the start!!

So lockdown 3, week 11 (sigh!!)

Jeff and Sam have broken up for the Easter break, a week early than originally planned, due to Covid!! They go back a week early, so have a longer Summer term. It means the weather will be colder and Jeff's birthday will be in the holidays rather than always just as he breaks up.

I went for a walk on Wednesday, I was determined to get out and ended up walking 11.29km or 7 miles. Part of it was new territory, out along the River Brue......

....with the Tor always in view.....

....although it's amazing what you can crop out of a photo!!

Wednesday also marked the One Year Anniversary of going to Reading to collect Sophie and bring her home. At no point did I expect it to be for a whole year but here we are, a full year on and she's still very much at home, still a little hopeful of some time in Cardiff, even if it means commuting or staying overnight in a hotel. The following day a year ago, Sam was told to stop working, exams were cancelled and school was over. He's now accepting his place for University in September ....

So today, to mark the start of Jeff's holiday, we went walking. Actually did the same distance as I did on Wednesday 11.29km but we cheated slightly and got Sophie to come and collect us

We walked all out along the South Drain to Ham Wall Nature Reserve.

Made a friend during our coffee stop!

And celebrated the official (astronomical) start of Spring x
So many signs, everywhere you look.

Jeff managed to try out every bench and seat along the way!! 


We're thinking of taking a picnic with us next time x

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