Saturday, 27 March 2021

LD3/WK12 - last week of lockdown!!!

So week 12 of lockdown, the final week!!
If all goes to plan, on Monday, the 'stay at home' rule is lifted, that means lockdown comes to an end. It's a little up to personal interpretation, as you are still encouraged to 'stay local' as much as possible but travel outside the local area is allowed. You are also allowed to meet outside, following the 'rule of six' and this includes meeting in private gardens.

Whilst we are confined still to home, I encouraged Jeff to cut the front hedge. It's an annual thing, last year Jeff did it whilst I was at work, needed a little supervision to get it level!! 

Sam and I whizzed up to Walton Hill after tea, to catch the sunset. 

So glad we made it up there in time, so worth it x

On my day off on Thursday, Jeff and I went off out for a long walk...

...the footpath takes you through this beautiful private garden.
It felt so wrong walking through someones private property but the owner was actually out in her garden and stopped to have a nice chat too.

Beautiful spring blossom.

With the weather warming up and the prospect of time out in the garden, Jeff asked if it was the start of my reading season. I only ever read on holiday or whilst sat out in the garden. I ordered The Switch as I loved the Flatshare last summer. The horizontal pile, are books read last year in enjoyment order, the others are left over from last summer, The Beach Read was a Christmas gift, so plenty of reading material to get me started.

So this morning Jeff and I headed out for another walk along the river Brue. Part of it was new to him, I walked it the other week, takes nearly 3 hours but you've the ever changing view of the Tor along the way and a meandering river to follow.

A week or so ago I took this picture, I wanted to return when the blossom had come out a little more.

 Today was the day to capture it again and with a bonus blue sky - perfect Spring colour combo!!

More bright yellow in the house, perfect Spring bunting! 
We have a birthday in the house tomorrow, poor Jeff gets to celebrate two lockdown birthdays! He was lucky last year, I was organised and had bought his gifts before we went into lockdown. This year we've agreed not to buy for buying sake, so nothing too impulsive in the pile!

Have made birthday brownies!!
Naughty but VERY nice xx

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