Saturday, 13 March 2021


Week 10, just a few more weeks to go!!

The week that schools reopened, which meant it was back to work for both Jeff and Sam. 
It's only for two weeks though and then it'll be the Easter holidays.

My sister and I decided to reschedule our 50th Birthday trip to Florence. I didn't realise you could change your flights now with no extra cost! EasyJet opened up their 2022 availability, so we have transferred it all to 2022, including our hotel booking, which I will say have been great.

With holidays in mind and several vouchers to play around with from our original Summer holiday cancellation last year, we then have another voucher as a result of our cancelled Seville trip this Easter, we have booked a few days away to Palma in October. If it's not safe or allowed, we can simply move the flights to a different date. It gives me something to look forward too. My 50th birthday trip to Barcelona is on hold. I want to go to Barcelona when it is back to normal, when you don't have to wear a mask, when you can sit in busy restaurants and street cafes, so with this in mind we will wait and re-book when it feels right. I've only waited 50 years to go there, what's another couple!?! We've been to Palma before, just for a day but it wouldn't feel as bad there if things weren't back to normal, if you get my drift, as we've experienced it properly before.

IF!!!! If we are able to fly this summer, it's just 16 weeks until we go to Corfu for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Jeff is pretty hopeful that the trip will go ahead. I'll be okay if we don't have to isolate on our return, I don't have spare holiday to use for it and actually don't want to spend 10 days cooped up in a hotel room after a lovely holiday.

I am quite hopeful though, as my invitation for my vaccination has come through. Monday 9:10am I will get my first dose, so both doses would be done before the Summer. It surprised me actually, how relieved I felt to get it booked in. Somehow a great weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt a real sense of hope and that life might just get back to some sort of normal eventually.

The evenings continue to get lighter and the starlings flight home to roost gets later. The past few evenings we have had huge groups fly over the house just before 6pm. 
It really is quite an amazing sight.

Having made the decision to stop feeding the birds close to the house, due to my mice visitors, the occasional visitor does frequent the window feeder. It's my only chance to photograph anything up close now!!

So mid March and the daffodils continue to see me through and brighten these cold, grey months. We've had really wet, windy, gusty weather this week. I've not walked, it's been too wet but am hopeful I might get out more next week. I've had plenty of jobs to catch up on inside, particularly with Jeff and Sam out of the house. I need to be ready to enjoy the nice weather once it arrives, so I'm feeling motivated to get stuff done. It's all this talk of holidays, it's giving me something to look forward to.

Have a good week.

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joy said...

My bucketlist trip to Barcelona happened last year at the end of February, it was fabulous, well worth the wait. Seems like a whole lifetime has happened since then. Happy holidays for whenever you're able to take them x x