Saturday, 11 September 2021

A final Farewell

Saturday 11th of September 2021

Today we said a final farewell to my Granny.

She didn't want any fuss, no service, just a simple burial and to be reunited with Papa, the love of her life, whom she missed terribly. It was a simple, yet appropriate send off. As the Vicar spoke and her body was laid to rest, the sun shone down on us all. My dad picked a rose from her garden in the morning and laid it on her coffin.

My two did me proud. I'm not good with emotional stuff, can't hold it in, blub away. Without prompt Sophie's hand held mine and Sam's arm was around my shoulders. They did me proud, propping up their old mum and checking I was okay, as Jeff could not be there.

I miss my Granny terribly, but am happy now she is finally at peace and reunited with Papa.
I was very lucky to have her around as long as I did xx

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