Saturday, 18 September 2021

One down, one to go!

Another busy week!!
Worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and was glad to finish. 
I find it exhausting with so much else going on!

Took time out on Wednesday morning, to take a final walk with Sam.

We headed over to our favourite spot - Stockhill Woods.
Can you spot the web bathed in sunlight?

A close up!

I actually had this photo shared on a bigger site x

There were a few 'fab fungi' about but not the classic red and white Fly Agaric yet!

Still lots to photograph

I will be back!

Anyway after a lovely calm morning, wandering around in the woods, I came home to a packing challenge! Sophie seems to accumulate more and more stuff and we still only have a Micra!!

A 6am alarm and in Reading before 9am and this is Sophie's home for the next year! 
Top floor, no lift, 100's of journeys up and down .....

....but she's all moved in!

Time out on Friday for a much needed coffee and catch up with a friend....

...and now it's Sam's turn! 
I've been buying bits and piling them up at the bottom of our bed as there was no where else to put it all. Am about to start packing it all up today, as am working Sun, Mon, Tues and we head off to Cardiff on Wednesday, although he's got a 3pm slot, so can pack the car up on Wednesday morning!

So a busy old week. 
One down and one to go!!

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