Saturday, 4 September 2021

The 'ber' months begin!

Autumnal feels to this week, with a misty start before work on Sunday morning.

and some 'actual' sunshine!

We say farewell to August, a busy old month here.....

....and welcome in September, one of my favourite months and the start of the 'ber' months.

Still days of warm sunshine ahead (if we're lucky) 

Although it was grey and miserable in Bath, when Sophie and I went for the day on Thursday. I don't feel I've been to Bath in ages. Other than the Festival, I've not been there shopping since the end of June. I guess because Sophie's been working in the week, we've not had those odd days doing things together. It's still super frustrating that lots of places still don't have their changing rooms open, came away having to order a few things online, as they didn't have my size in the shops either.

Friday was hair day! 
It's been 14 weeks since I last had some colour put on and I certainly needed it!

Blonde again!!

We've the promise of a sunny day here today (Saturday) I was going to go out for a walk but I may just enjoy a day out in the garden, as I've work tomorrow and Monday.

I picked another four figs this morning.

I've been keeping count this year and have picked over 30 figs this year already.

Each year there is more and more fruit. 
I've had to start gifting some, as it's only me who eats them here and they're far too delicious not to share. It has surprised me how many people say they've never tried one before. The way I'm going, I'm going to look like a fig!!

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