Saturday, 30 April 2022

Farewell April

Before returning to work on Monday, Jeff planted out the sunflower seeds. 
We leave them in the porch for a few weeks to get a head start....

,,,,and they are already on their way!

We had such a fabulous display out in the front last year, we hope to repeat it.

So Jeff took Sam back to Uni on Sunday and returned to work himself on Monday, a 5 week term ahead. I worked my normal Sunday, Monday and did extra on Tuesday for the plinth change, ripping up 1000's of tickets ready to be put out over night. Then on Wednesday I went to Bristol on my own. 
(How fab is this floor by the way!?!)

I'm not sure I've ever been to Bristol on my own. Sophie has her finals, so couldn't commit to coming with me and I really wanted to see Chicago, so I went solo!! Soooooo very glad I did, the show was amazing, an incredible show. I have seen it before, 15 yrs ago in London, a 10th Wedding Anniversary treat but I didn't remember half of it!

On Thursday, my friend Lynn and I walked.

I took her over to the bluebell woods Sam had taken me to, before he left. They were far too magnificent not to share. Such a lovely walk and I must go back, the wild garlic is about to burst into flower.....

....and all the fabulous ferns unfurling.

Had a fabulous coffee and catch up with a friend on Friday, 3 and a half hours later!!!
But so worth it and lovely to see each other.

So today I had a rare day at home, with no plans. 
The last day of April and time to remind myself of what a busy month it's been, it's whizzed by. 

Great news for my Mum and Dad - Granny's house sale finally went through, second time lucky. 
So happy and relieved for my dad, as it's one less thing to worry about.

So I spent my morning sorting through my wardrobe, a job that's been on the 'to do' list for a while and then this afternoon it was warm enough to sit out in the garden and read. Jeff's got something on at school, in fact he's had a few things on, coupled with me going out, that we've only actually had one tea together for a few days. I walked up to school with him and continued once around the block. I'm trying out a few things to aid losing a few pounds. Will share in another post how I'm getting on.

It's work for me tomorrow and Monday and I have to go in extra for a meeting on Wednesday. I'm meeting up with my sister on Wednesday eveing, we have tickets out out and it'll give us a chance to plan out our few days in Pisa/Florence/Lucca/Sienna etc I then have a coffee date before my hair colour, a walk with Lynn planned in, got to vote on Thursday evening, so it's shaping up to be a busy week. Weather looks mixed but hopefully the odd dose of sunshine in the mix, fingers crossed we do as we enter the merry month of May!!

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