Sunday, 3 July 2022

Love a good wedding!!

Yesterday the family gathered to celebrate Jeff's brothers wedding. They got married, just the two of them in May but celebrated with family and friends, at home in their back garden yesterday. 

I was in charge of making puddings for 30-60 people!!

So brownies and pavlovas were duly made......

......who doesn't like a good pavlova!?!

And Sophie and Sam were tasked with getting them there in one piece! 

I wore the dress I'd bought in Florence, although after all my angst of showing my arms, 
I didn't take my jacket off all day!!

It was all very relaxed and just lovely to see and catch up with some members of the family we've not seen for years. All the cousins love getting together.....

....and it was just lovely to see everyone x

Jeff's Uncle Anthony blessed the happy couple.... 

...and there were a few speeches.

Sadly it rained, so everything was paused....... 

.......until the rain stopped.....

......and they could continue.

Jeff with his dad, brother and sister.

And lovely Auntie Janet x

We didn't scrub up too badly!!

Thankfully the sun came out and dancing was enjoyed well into the evening.

A really wonderful celebration.
Thank you Roger and Lisa for letting us celebrate your special day with you x

 Work was a bit of a slog today, not gonna lie but the sun was out when I returned home and we got to enjoy tea outside in the garden. Soaking up every last ray before we go away x

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