Friday, 1 July 2022

Pinch and a punch.......

Pinch and a punch.....

.......hello July!
And the start of the Summer holidays for Jeff, who broke up at lunchtime.

Here's hoping we get some better weather, it's been a nightmare trying to wash and dry all of our holiday and Sam's Glastonbury washing.

Guaranteed good weather incoming though, as we'll be on holiday soon. It's always lovely sunny weather whilst we're away, so make the most of it because it changes on our return!

Must say I'm not feeling super organised for this trip yet, it's been a busy week but I'm so looking forward to visiting Kefalonia and enjoying all the Greek cuisine!

The weather has been truly awful, poor Sam got soaked the other day out on his bike, so much for summer! So this week I worked Sunday, Monday and did the plinth tickets on Tuesday, all felt a bit of a slog after returning home at 9:30 pm on the Saturday night from Majorca. Wednesday was a catch up day at home and started baking for Jeff's brothers wedding celebration on Saturday. 

I've been asked to do puddings for 30+ people, so I baked the brownies on Wednesday and a batch of individual meringues ....

....and then made two pavlova's today, which I'll leave in the oven overnight and then cream up in the morning. The gathering is for 60'ish people on Saturday afternoon in their garden but the forecast isn't looking good. 

Had a complete day off on Thursday and Sophie and I went to Bristol to see Mamma Mia, our last carry over/rescheduled event from Covid. We booked the tickets in February 2020 and laughed when they were rescheduled for 2022 but......

... it was worth the wait, such a brilliant fun musical. 
It's the 3rd time Sophie and I have seen it and if/when it tours again, we'll be getting tickets. We really want to see ABBA and go to the Mamma Mia experience meal at the O2 in London, so may try and do an overnight stay, have a few drinks and treat ourselves for our birthdays maybe x

We had hoped it would be sunny....

....and could pretend we were in Greece but it was cold, grey and wet!

But we still went and enjoyed a Greek meal together after the show.

So tomorrow we have the wedding celebration party for Jeff's brother, then I work Sunday and Monday. Have a day off on Tuesday, a chance to do all the jobs and clean the house, before we fly off to Greece on the Wednesday. Sophie has very kindly offered to drive us to the airport and water the plants whilst we're away. Sam seems to continue being the social butterfly he is. He has a friend he met on-line arriving from the Netherlands, he's supposed to be moving into his student Cardiff house and he's off to a small local festival for the weekend, camping with friends. When we fly home, he's off away again with a few friends.....then!!!! he knuckles down to do some actual work! Sophie is starting to flat hunt and then it's her Graduation when we return. Things then do start to quieten down in August/September. We have a few things booked up in the diary but I have no time off work and with Jeff at home, it will all feel a little more calm and relaxed. (I hope!!)

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