Friday, 25 March 2011

I did it!!

Thank you for all your kind comments in my last post - I did it - yesterday I went to the Country Living Fair in London.
I survived my first ever tube journey on my own and am so proud of myself.

Watch out London - here I come!!!

I'm so glad I went - it would have been far too easy to have decided not to go - but now I have been, there will be no stopping me!

I went to a Christmas Fair 10 years ago, so knew what to expect but it was sooooo busy - I'd go as far as too busy.

This was the most spacious area!

The flowers looked and smelt beautiful!

The real reason I went was to support my 'twitter friend' Gabs Buckingham, who was exhibiting for the very first time. She has been so quiet in twitterland prior to the show as she has been painting, painting, painting!

Her stand looked absolutely amazing! I can't show you what I bought as they're Easter pressies but I could have come away with a lot more if I could have carried it all home.
There's still time to visit - it doesn't finish until late Sunday afternoon.


Ruth said...

Well Done Becky! Gabs stand looks fantastic - and she's smiling which means she is happy with it all, a relief I'm sure.

dosierosie said...

See a piece of cake, no stopping you now. I would have struggled with the crowds.

All things nice... said...

Good on you Becky. Your like me, I'm not good on public transport, I went on my first flight on my own last summer. I lived in Dublin city for over a year and could count on my fingers the amount of times I used the bus. I panic in case I'm late or don't get the right one! I bet the fair was great. Would love to have went. Enjoy the weekend

All things nice...

Anonymous said...

it looks amazing! i am looking forward to my trip to London tomorrow (by myslef as well). Gabs stand looks amazing!

Kyleigh said...

Well done you! It looks amazing and I am more than a little jealous! You'll be whizzing around the country to various craft fairs and shows all the time now, there'll be no stopping you!

home made gorgeous said...

Hi Becky, well done on braving the tubes! I still have issues with it and I do it every day!! Lucky you going to the Spring Fair, it's lovely to see your pics of all the gorgeous things, thanks for sharing! Sarah x

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Well done on your tube ride, It can be daunting on the underground. I went to the christmas Fair 2 years ago and found it too busy to enjoy properly too. The sping one looks great, might put it in my diary for next year.
Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.
Luv Sophie XXX

Katie said...

Fantastic! Well done to you, looks like you had a great time. Lovely to see Gabs' stand, no wonder she's been quiet, it looks full of gorgeousness.

OhSoVintage said...

I went on Wednesday, my 3rd year. I do enjoy it but don't think I will go next year as you do tend to see the same stands every year (apart from the newbies). I (foolishly) chose to take a bus there and it took 1.5 hours from Victoria to Islington! Far better to go by tube. But why is a country living fair in London anyway, shouldn't it be in the country???? Your photos are better than mine too!

Moobaacluck said...

So thrilled to be featured Becky - thank you. Shall look forward to the photos when you get a chance to email them over! xx lots of love Gabs