Sunday, 6 March 2011

Vanessa Cabban

Remember back in January, I purchased the wonderful Evangeline from the very talented Vanessa Cabban (link to older post)


Well Vanessa has created some more figures based on the Evangeline character and I want them ALL!

Not that I could even begin to contemplate buying another - my husband fears I'll make us bankrupt!

But aren't they fabulous?

You can keep up to date with her work over on her blog as she amazes me at the way she is constantly working on new pieces!

I love these little seedlings in the tiny cups and saucers.

This is my favourite!

This piece and the one below ....

......have been in an exhibition in Edinburgh.

This final piece was a commission piece for a friend of hers - Millie and the beautiful Betty, the sheep.

A huge thank you to Vanessa for allowing me to publish her photo's on my blog - I think you'll agree she is one very talented lady. Her pieces are so full of life, detail and character and I wish I could afford to fill my house with many of her fabulous pieces.
If you are tempted to buy yourself a little papier mache treat, keep visiting her shop to see what delights she has on sale.


dosierosie said...

They are fantastic,such fun.
I saw a Julie Arkell exhibition last week & she does paper mache figures as well.

Pene said...

Golly she is so talented I love them all, although Evangeline is gorgeous. I wonder if she'd do one of my daisy? Maybe I'd better save up first.
Pene x

home made gorgeous said...

These are gorgeous and so original... I love Evangeline! Sarah x

Victoria said...

Aren't they absolutely beautiful. What skill. And the colours are magnificent. x

Ionwen Charlesworth... said...

Super delicious in every way. Thanks for sharing. Loves Ionwen XXX

Anonymous said...

I love the bird on the book, infact i love them all x

vanessa said...

Hello Becky, as I write this Hugo is attempting to do some pancakes! The first one never seems to work does it! Thank you so much for your very lovely post about my work, you are very, very, very kind in all the things you say. The piece with the bird in it, that was in the exhibition in Edinburgh sold! I tell you, I was over the moon! Hugo's just swearing at his pancakes, and it suddenly dawned on me, his attempts at pancakes last year were a disaster too!!!!!!! Never mind, it's the thought that counts! Your pancakes look wondrful, my mouth is watering. Love Vanessa xxx