Thursday, 17 March 2011

Red Nose Day!

So tomorrow is Red Nose Day!
What better excuse do we need to go all red and white spotty.

Sophie is organising a school Cake Sale in aid of Red Nose Day, so we have been busy baking!

Cherries, red smarties and red mini gems have been the decoration of choice.....

.... and of course, I managed to find some red and white spotty cupcake cases and a red and white spotty tray to put them on!

The outfits are ready - spotty of course!

Excited? Now what made you think that?

I will be teaching tomorrow so I doubt, very much, that anything too important will get achieved! I will of course be adding a little bit of extra spottiness to my outfit!


The Pea Pod said...

Wow, fantastic effort! Those cherries look very red nose-ish. I'm sure funds will flood in.

Vintage from the Village said...

You have been busy !
I have been wrapping all my Ebay parcels up today in your lovely red and white spotty tape !
Have agreat red nose day
Sue x

dosierosie said...

Good luck, hope you do well.Gillx