Thursday, 12 May 2011

60,000 red envelopes

Today I took delivery of 60,000 red envelopes in preparation of my 'BIG' order - it arrived on a huge palette and was delivered by a very nice, helpful man - only one problem..... side of the order was wet.

I had to quickly rescue as much as I could and move as many envelopes as possible into dry boxes before the gum started to stick! - Sadly 2000+ were damaged!

But the other 58,000 have had to be found a home - although they won't be hanging around for very long - 40,000 are needed to start packing the 'BIG' order and the rest will be used up pretty quickly in day to day orders.

All that extra space I was enjoying in my new premises, is filling up fast! I'm beginning to clear space for the arrival of my gift wrap in the next couple of weeks - 36,000 sheets of it and 36,000 gift tags!!


WinnibriggsHouse said...

wow, now that is some delivery. Good job you acted fast. I assume they will replace the damaged ones for you!

dosierosie said...

Glad I don't have the job of filling them all.

Pene said...

That's alotta envelopes!! Don't envy you packing up this big order!!